Hope Welty Public Library

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January 2016 Meeting Minutes

 Hope Welty Public Library Board of Trustees Minutes

January 13,2016

 Call to Order

The regular meeting of the Hope Welty Public Library ( HWPL) was held at the library on January 13,2016. The meeting was called to order by President, Genea Lawler, at 3:02pm. Board  members answering roll call were Mary Hissong, Genea Lawler, Janice Lonnon, Chelle Shivley, Tina Arseneau and Library Director Shari Rawlings  Absent: Nancy McDermith and Linda Martin.

Public Forum

Valerie and Les Cook requeste to install brackets in the ceiling underneath the existing projector screen to support the backdrop for Valerie's mini session held at the library. It was agreed on to let Les install them.

Minutes of the Last HWPL Meeting

The minutes from the December meeting will be discussed in February.

Treasurer's Report

Chelle Shivley, Treasurer, reported there is a balance of $186,824.58 before paying the months bills. Expenses for this month are $7,276.38. Janice Lonnon moved expenses be allowed and  Mary Hissong seconded that motion. Roll call yes votes: Mary Hissong, Genea Lawler,Janice Lonnon, Chelle Shivley and Tina Arseneau. No nays  Absent: Nancy McDermith and Linda Martin. Motion carried.

Directors Report

The library will be starting an adult book club at the end of January. It will run through the winter. The library will also possibly be starting book club for 4th and 5th graders. Art classes have been very well attended. HWPL will possibly be hosting a quilt show in the spring. Shari will be in contact with the Home Extension (HCE)  and other women's groups in the community.  Tentative dates for the Book and Bake Sale are April 22 &23 or April29 &30. Shari will be checking with HCE. proceeds will go to the children's area of the library. Soup day was  a success. We served about 50 people.

Old Business

Tina Arseneau will go through the FOIA training ti be in compliance with the Open Meetings Act.

New Business

Board President Genea Lawler read a letter from John Foltz, our attorney, informing us that Amy Rupiper will be working with HWPL in the future. Chelle Shivley reviewed the insurance policy. Insurance will be paid.

Closed Session

HWPL Board went into closed session to discuss personnel for the Summer Reading Program.

Next Meeting

February 17,2016 at 3:00pm.

Meeting Adjourned

Chelle Shivley moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:00PM seconded by Mary Hissong. All present voted aye,no nays. Motion carried.

 Tina Arseneau, Substitute Secretary