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February 19, 2014 Meeting Minutes

                                Hope Welty Public Library

                                 Board of Trustees Minutes

 Call to Order

 The regular meeting of the Hope Welty Public Library(HWPL) District Board of Trustees was held at the library on February 19, 2014. The meeting was called to order at 1:00pm by President, Genea Lawler. Board members answering roll call were: Genea Lawler, Janice Lonnon, Tracy Mogged, Chelle Shively and Library Director Shari Rawlings. Absent : Mary Hissong, Nancy McDermith and Linda Martin. Tracy Mogged acted as Secretary Pro Temp.

Public Forum

Todd Henricks presented information on our insurance policy. He will check into resubmitting a request to look at the hail damage to the siding. He also gave us quotes from QBE, Auto Owners and Granelle Mutual Insurance companies  for us to consider.

Minutes of Last HWPL Meeting

Minutes of the meeting on January 8,2014 were read and approved as read. Janice Lonnon moved to accept the minutes as read and Chelle Shively seconded the motion. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report

The treasurer's report was given by treasurer, Chelle Shivley. The report showed a balance of $147,120.53 before paying this month's bills. Roll call vote yes: Genea, Janice, Tracy and Chelle. No nays. Motion carried.

Director's Report

The Memorial Money given by the family of Norabel Baker will be used to purchase extra books. Upon request of the family, there will be a plaque and picture put up on a wall in the library and her grandchildren are donating a firetruck in the play area. Her name will be added to the large plaque with Memorial Donation Contributors.

Thursday, February20,2014 one of Chapin Rose's office members will be at the library to answer any questions for patrons. Coffee and cookies will be served.

 Tuesday,March4,2014 will tentatively be set for pie and coffee at the library.

 Shari has sent out donation request letters for the Summer Reading Program.

Lego Robots are rescheduled for March17,2014

 After school book club   for 3rd,4th and 5th grades will start February 27, 2014

Per Capita Grant of $4,275.00 will be used toward books and education for the community.

Old Business

A new insurance carrier was discussed per Todd Henricks quotes. A motion was made by Janice and seconded by Chelle to switch to Auto Owners with a premium of$ 3,610.00 per year. Role call vote yes: Genea, Jancie, Tracy and Chelle. Motion carried.

New Business

 The Book/Bake Sale will be held April 4,5and 6, 2014

 Economic Interest Sheets were filled out and returned to Shari

 A motion was made by Tracy to use memorial money to purchase a lighted sign for the front of the building. The board directed Shari to order the sign. Role call Vote yes: Genea, Janice, Tracy and Chelle.

A motion was made by Chelle and seconded by Janice to purchase a new supply of library cards. Role call vote yes: Genea, Janice,Tracy and Chelle. Motion carried.

Other information and Business


Closed Session


Next Meeting Date

The next regular meeting for the HWPL District Board of Trustees will be held March 13, 2014 at 1:00pm

Meeting Adjourned

 Motion to adjourn was made at 2:45 pm by Tracy and seconded by Chelle. All ayes. No nayes. Motion carried.

 Respectfully Submitted, Tracy Mogged, Secretary Pro Temp