Hope Welty Public Library

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December 11,2013 Meeting Minutes

Hope Welty Public Library

Call to Order

The regular meeting of the Hope Welty Public Library {HWPL} District Board of Trustees was held at the library on December11,2013. The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM. by President Genea Lawler. Board members answering roll call were: Genea Lawler, Mary Hissong, Janice Lonnon, Linda Martin, Nancy McDermith, Chelle Shively and Library Director Shari Rawlings. Absent: Tracy Mogged.

Public Forum

Kevin Buckley, who performed our yearly audit, was present to present his findings which are attached.

Vicki Mercer was present to hear recommendations from the audit process.

Minutes of Last HWPL Meeting

Minutes of the meeting on November 13,2013 were read. Chelle Shivley moved to accept the minutes as read. Janice Lonnon seconded the motion. All present vovted aye. Motion carried. Absent: Tracy Mogged.

Treasurer's Report

The treasurer's report was given by treasurer, Chelle Shivley and showed a balance of $157,469.97 before paying this month's bills. Expenses for the month are $7684.74. Mary Hissong moved expenses be allowed and Linda Martin seconded the motion. Roll call vote yes: Genea Lawler, Mary Hissong, Linda Martin, Janice Lonnon, Nancy McDermith, and Chelle Shivley. No nays. Absent Tracy mugged. Motion Carried.

Time for Director

Hannah St Pierre's schedule has changed for next semester and she will be able to work Thursday evenings.

Our Feb. meeting is scheduled for Feb.12 which is a day the libraryis scheduled to be closed. Chelle Shivley made a motion to move the Feb meeting to Feb.19 at 1:00 pm. Linda Martin seconded the motion. All present voted aye. Motion carried. Absent Tracy Mogged.

The library staff and board decided to hold a " Taste of Hope Welty Library" on January 8 from 11:00 - 12:30.  This will be a soup tasting lunch for the public.

A book and bake sale will be scheduled for April 5.

 Old Business


New Business

Auditor presented audit during public forum

Shari has not heard back from Todd Henricks regarding possibly finding another company to cover our needs.

Reviewed Open Meetings Act information from the lawyer

 Other Information and Business


Closed Session


Next Meeting Date

The next regular meeting for the HWPL District Board of Trustees will be January 8, 2014 at 1:00 PM.

 Meeting Adjourned

Mary Hissong made a motion to close the meeting at 2:15 PM. Chelle Shively seconded the motion. All present voted aye. Motion carried

    Nancy McDermith , Secretary