Hope Welty Public Library

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Aug. 9 ,2017 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

The regular meeting of the Hope Welty Public Library ( HWPL) was held at the library on August 9,2017. The meeting was called to order by President, Mary Hissong, at 3:29 PM.  Board members answering roll call were Mary Hissong,Janice Lonnon, Linda Martin, Lisa Forbes, Chelle Shively, Tina Arseneau, Amy Williams, and Library Director Shari Rawlings. 

Public Forum


Minutes of Last HWPL Meeting

 Minutes for the July 12,2017 board meeting were read silently. Chelle Shivley moved that the minutes be accepted, Janice Lonnon seconded,all present voted aye. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report

 Chelle Shivley reported there is a balance on hand of $205,811.41 before paying the month's bills. Expenses for the month are $11,267.42. Chelle Shivley moved that expenses be allowed and Linda Martin seconded the motion. Roll call yes votes: Mary Hissong, Linda Martin, Chelle Shivley, Amy Williams, Tina Arseneau, Janice Lonnon and Lisa Forbes. 

Director's Report

The Piatt County Sheriff's office conducted active shooter training for the library staff. Different procedure were discussed.

 Root Beer Float day was a success, 42 people were served.

The following events are upcoming:

Sept.11 Art Class

Oct.4 Pumpkin Dessert Day

 Nov. 16 Family Reading Night / Pajama Party

 Dec. 2 Christmas on the Hill Parade

Old Business

The budget FY 17 /18 is posted in the library. The budget will be voted on in Sept.

The board thanked Shari for finding curtains for the door in the conference room.

New Business

The secretary's audit was reviewed and signed.

A letter was sent from the attorney representing HWPL to the owner of the building next door to the library concerning the condition of the wall adjacent to the east wall of the library.

A letter of resignation that will take effect on Aug. 31 ,2017 was read by Tina Arseneau. Chelle Shivley moved to accept the resignation, with regret, Amy Williams seconded, all present voted aye.

Other Information and Business


Closed Session


Next Meeting

 Sept. 12,2017 at 3:30 pm

Meeting Adjourned

 Janice Lonnon moved to adjourn  the meeting at 4:14 pm seconded by Amy Williams. All present voted aye.