Hope Welty Public Library

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Aug 12 Meeting Minutes

 Call to Order

The regular meeting of the Hope Welty Public Library (HWPL) District Board of Trustees was held at the library on Aug.12,2015. The meeting was called to order by President, Genea Lawler at 3:00PM. Board members answering roll call were; Genea Lawler, Janice Lonnon, Linda Martin, Nancy McDermith and Library Director Shari Rawlings. Arrived late: Mary Hissong, Chelle Shivley.

Public Forum


Treasurer's Repor Chelle Shivley, treasure, reported there is a balance of $184,628.24 before paying this month's bills. Expenses for this month are $10,889.23. Chelle Shively moved expenses be allowed and Nancy McDermith seconded the motion. Roll call yes vote: Genea Lawler, Janice Lonnon, Linda Martin, Nancy McDermith, Chelle Shivley,. No nays. Absent : Mary Hissong. Motion carried.

Director's Report There are still problems with Ancesrty.com program. Ancestry has agreed our 1 year will begin after all the problems have been worked out.  Julie McNamara has been working with Ancestory to help get the program installed on the library computers.

 IPLAR  report is completed with necessary papers signed and sent in.

The new chairs have arrived and the table and lamp will be picked up soon.Janice Lonnon moved to purchase 2 smaller chairs from Staples to replace the last of the older chairs with money coming from the Mitch Dodson memorial money. Linda Martin seconded motion. Yes roll call vote: Genea Lawler, Janice Lonnon, Nancy McDermith, Linda Martin, Chelle Shivley. No nays. Absent: Mary Hissong. Mation carried.

 Arcola outing will be August 14 at 7 pm.

 The web page through IL Heartland will be down for awhile to make update. So no agenda or minutes will be posted on website until update are completed.

 Shari will be taking vacation Sept. 7 - 14.

 Nancy McDermith moved to move the September 9 meeting to Friday, September 4, 3:00pm.  Chelle Shivley seconded the motion. All present voted aye. No nays. Motion passed. The " Food for Fined" for May and June did well with food donated to the Lord's Storehouse. Thank You was read from them also.

 Lots of school supplies were donated and picked up and delivered to the local schools.

Upcoming events: Sept . will have another movie night if weather holds. Oct. will be Fall craft. Nov. Family Reading Night. Dec. Christmas on the Hill.

 60 attended the Root Beer Float event for Back to School Time.

Old Business

Drainage work has no report at this time. Work has begun at the pond area.

Budget had been posted for 30 day period. Appropriation Hearing will be held at 3 PM - 3:15 pm on Sept 4,2015.

New Business Nancy McDermith moved to appoint Tina Arseneau as a trustee to fill the vacancy of Tracy Mogged which ends in 2021. Chelle Shivley seconded the motion. Yes votes: Genea Lawler, Janice Lonnon, Nancy McDermith, Linda Martin and Chelle Shivley. No nays. Absent Mary Hissong.

Other Information and Business


Closed Session


Next Meeting

September 4, 2015 at 3:00

Meeting Adjour Chelle Shivley moved to adjourn the meeting at 3:55pm seconded by Linda Martin. All Present voted aye. No nays. Motion carried.

                           Nancy McDermith, Secretary