Hope Welty Public Library

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April 8, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

The regular meeting of the Hope Welty Public Library  (HWPL ) District Board of Trustees was held at the library on April 8, 2015. The meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM  by President, Genea Lawler. Board members answering roll call were: Mary Hissong, Genea Lawler, Janice Lonnon, Linda Martin, Nancy McDermith, Chelle Shivley and Library Director, Shari Rawlings. Tracy Mogged was absent.

Public Forum


Minutes of Last HWPL Meeting

Minutes of the meeting on March 11, 2015 were presented. Janice Lonnon moved to accept the minutes as corrected ( treasurer's report $151,033.63 ). Linda Martin seconded the motion. All present voted aye. Motion carried. Absent: Tracy Mogged.

 Treasurer's Report

 The treasurer's report was given by Chelle Shively and showed a balance of $143,285.77 before paying this month's bills. Expenses for the month are $6498.00 plus the Ameren bill. Chelle Shivley moved expenses be allowed plus the Ameren bill and Nancy McDermith seconded the motion. Roll call vote yes: Genea Lawler, Mary Hissong, Linda Martin, Janice Lonnon, Nancy McDermith, Chelle Shivley. No nays. Absent: Tracy Mogged. Motion carried.


Instagram was set up for the library.

Summer reading is coming along on schedule. Still have  a few prizes to pick up and still looking for a music group program to coordinate with the theme.

Per Capita Grant money arrived today $4000

Will run a " food for fines" program for May and June for those with under $10 fines.

During Aloha Day on May 7 at the High School there will be a Pig Kissing contest with donations given in memory of Mitchell Dodson to the library. Shari will attend.

 There will be a memorial service for Jerry Shivley on May 2 at Church of Brethren memorials will go to library. A gift card to Judy's Kitchen will be taken to Charlotte Shivley.

 Fat Hill Fest will be on July 18. Shari reported the library will have a tricycle race at this event. Ribbons will be handed out and a prize for the winner.


 Memorials - Shari will have the memorial board caught up to date.


 Drainage- Shari will look for the plans from the village engineer and have meeting with Jeff Rawlings, Mark Blickensderfer and Brad Williams about the drainage situation on north side of the building.

 Personnel -All positions are filled

 Discussed Trustee Packets - Board Self Evaluation

 Handed out forms to evaluate the director. Board members are to come to the next meeting with their forms completed so the director may be evaluated at that time.






The next regular meeting for the HWPL District Board of Trustees will be May 13,2015 at 3:00PM.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:55PM. Motion by Mary Hissong, seconded by Linda Martin. All present voted aye. No nays.

                                                     Nancy McDermith, Secretary