Hope Welty Public Library

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Technology Plan

Hope Welty Public Library District

Technology Plan  2010 -

Table of Contents

A. Mission Statement

B. Vision Statement

C.  Technology Inventory - Current and Projected

D.Goals and Objectives

E.  Professional Development Strategy

F.   Budget

G.Evaluation Process


The mission of the Hope Welty Public Library is to provide educational, informational, cultural, and recreational resources and services to all ages of people in the Hope Welty Public Library. The library will provide access to the universe of information, and especially that information which is of immediate relevance and interest to the community it serves. The library seeks to accomplish its mission through prudent management and development of its resources, and by providing access to materials and services to meet the present and future needs of the community it serves. In this effort, the Hope Welty Public Library cooperates with other libraries, and with other educational, and governmental institutions. Special emphasis is placed on current popular materials. The library serves as a learning center and educational center for all residents of the community.


The Hope Welty Public Library will not become irrelevant. Technology will not eliminate library usefulness. Technology will serve to deliver information in a variety of new ways, taking advantage of the rapid improvements in computers and communications.


A.      Equipment - computers

a.       Circulation computer 1 - 2006

b.      Circulation computer 2 -2006

c.       Director’s computer - 2006

d.      Bookkeeper’s computer - 2003

e.      Children’s librarian’s computer - 2003

f.        Public computer 1 - 2006

g.       Public computer 2 - 2006

h.      Laptop computer - 2008

i.        Netbook computer – 2010

B.      Equipment – AV

a.       Television – non digital - 2005

b.      Dvd player - 2005

c.       VHS player - 2005

d.      VHS player – checkout - 2010

e.      Media projector – 2008

f.        Digital television – projected purchase

C.      Equipment – communication

a.       Cordless phones – 4

b.      Answering machine

c.       Fax machine

d.      Copier - 2007

e.      Linksys wireless G router (2)

f.        Linksys wireless B adapter (1)

g.       Linksys wireless G adapter (5)

h.      Linksys wireless N router (1)

i.        Linksys wireless N adapter (1)

j.        Microphone/speaker

k.       Linksys wireless N adapter (5) – projected purchase

l.        TTY assisted telephone system – projected purchase

D.      Equipment – accessories

a.       Epson 710 printer/copier/scanner

b.      HP scanner

c.       HP 932C printer – director’s office

d.      HP printer 932C  – circulation desk

e.      Lexmark E238 Laser printer – bookkeeper

f.        Xerox Laser printer – storeroom

g.       Receipt printers (2) – circulation desk

h.      Barcode scanners (2) – circulation desk

i.        Dymo label printer

j.        Adding machine 1

k.       Sony Reader  - 2010

l.        Laminating machine

m.    Azurdisc disk cleaner - 2007

n.      Tripplite battery back-ups (3)

o.      Digital picture frame - 2009

p.      Digital camera

q.      Flip video camera - 2009

r.        Microfilm reader

s.       Low vision reader

t.        USB flash drive PNY 2G - 2008

u.      USB flash drive Transcend 2G – 2007

E.       Computer software

a.       Print Shop

b.      ALA graphics READ cd

c.       Microsoft Office XP Professional

d.      Microsoft Publisher

e.      Consumer Reports subscription

F.       Networks and Communication

a.       Linksys wireless network

b.      Mediacom cable internet


                The goals and objectives of the Hope Welty Public Library are to keep the library relevant, serve to deliver information in a variety of new ways, taking advantage of the rapid improvements in computers and communications.


Hope Welty Public Library will take advantage of all forms of technology training provided by local, state and online sources for its board, administration and staff. 


Budget Categories

Internet service

New Equipment

computer maintenance

Computer software

Funding Sources

Tax funding – general

Book and bake sales


The Hope Welty Public Library will evaluate its technology needs on bi-annual basis, taking into consideration input from the patrons and current technology trends.