Hope Welty Public Library

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Long Range Plan

This are the long range plan established by the board of trustees.




Goals and Objectives – 2011

GOAL 1           To provide current high-demand and high-interest materials in a variety of formats for people of all ages.

            OBJECTIVE 1. To increase our collection of fiction and non-fiction materials

            OBJECTIVE 2  To increase our collection of children’s literature

GOAL II            General information: to help users find answers to questions relating to work, school and personal life.

            OBJECTIVE 1. To provide material of interest to our patrons

            OBJECTIVE 2. To give patrons the use of Library On The Go                     

GOAL III           Lifelong learning: to address the desire for self-directed personal growth

            OBJECTIVE 1  To encourage a book club

            OBJECTIVE 2  To encourage discussion groups

            OBJECTIVE 3  To establish educational seminars, tutoring/phonics

GOAL IV          Communications: keep patrons informed of services and programs

            OBJECTIVE  1 Establish a volunteer core and a Friends of the Library

GOAL V           Security System: improving physical building

            OBJECTIVE  1  Continue to upgrade the library bfacility and grounds

            OBJECTIVE  2  Brick the library        

                                                                        Reviewed March 21, 1996

                                                                        Reviewed February 13, 1997

                                                                        Reviewed February 12, 2004

                                                                        Revised June 10, 2011