Hope Welty Public Library

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Materials Selection Policy



      The Hope Welty Public Library District has four primary goals in materials selection:

1. Educational The library will be a repository of cultural, historical, and technical                                  knowledge.

2.  Civic The library will provide means for patrons to become informed, intelligent citizens.

3.  Utilitarian The library will help meet patrons’ informational needs, such as self-improvement, job improvement, living skills, consumer education, etc.

4. Recreational The library will provide entertainment, hobby, and vocational materials.

Selection of library materials shall be made on the basis of their value to interest, enlighten, and inform all people of the community.


By law, the library selection policy is a responsibility of the library board. It is the authority for the selection of material by the library staff.

Library material selection is the responsibility of the library director and the professional staff. These employees are uniquely qualified by reason of their education and training.

“No employee may be disciplined or dismissed for the selection of library materials when the selection is made in good faith and in accordance with the written policy required to be established pursuant to this Section.”  (Illinois Revised Statutes, Chapter 81)


  Among the criteria for selection of nonfiction materials will be:

1.       Qualification of the author in subject area

2.       Scope and authority of subject matter

3.       Quality of writing  (style, readability).

4.       Date of publication

5.       Reputation of publisher

6.       Arrangement of materials

7.       Relationship to collection

8.       Physical qualities (binding, print, size, illustrations, margins)

9.       Price.

The same philosophy and standards of selection, which apply to books, apply to the selection of materials other than books. Need, demand, and use are factors to be considered

No library material shall be excluded because of the sex, race, nationality, political, or social views of the author.


The library’s collection is intended to be active, useful and circulating. The criteria for weeding (withdrawing materials) are accuracy of contents, frequency, collection, and physical condition.


The library welcomes the donation of materials by individuals or groups. However, such materials must meet the selection policy criteria. The library reserves the right to refuse any material that does not meet these criteria.

All gifts become the permanent property of the library and are subject to re-evaluaton and discarding, as are all library materials from whatever source. Donated material may be sold or otherwise disposed of for the benefit of the library.