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Circulation Fees and Fines, Lost, Damaged and Overdue Materials


The Hope Welty Public Library has established, in addition to the schedule for lost or damaged items, the following schedule of fines for overdue materials as well as fees for other services provided by the Hope Welty Public Library.

Overdue materials

Books and Magazines:  $.05 per day, not to exceed the cost of the item.

Audiobooks:  $.05 per day, not to exceed the cost of the item.

Videocassettes/DVDs/Video Games:  $1.00 per day, not to exceed the cost of the item.

Patrons with responsibility for material in any format which is more than 6 months overdue are also responsible for any and all collection and/or court costs incurred by the library in its efforts to secure the return of the material.  a $10 fee will be assessed for items in value up to $99, $20 fee for items up to $150, and $25 fee for items up to $300.


    Copies: $.15 per page. If enlargement or reduction is required by the patron, the per page fee applies to each step in that process. Enlargement and reduction is not an exact science and may take several pages.  

    Fax/transmission: $.50 per page. Faxes are sent only within the continental United States.

    Fax/receipt: $.50 per page. The Hope Welty Public Library assumes no responsibility of notification of the receipt of a fax for an individual. The fax will be held by the library for one week and then discarded if not picked up. No effort to notify the individual of the arrival of the fax will be made.

    Computer printouts: $.15 per page, black and white, $.50 per page, color. This fee applies to all material printed by library printers including, but not limited to, Internet downloads, CD-ROM product information, personal work, and graphics.


When patrons want material that is not available within the Hope Welty Public Library, we ask other agencies to provide it. This is the process of interlibrary loan. Materials borrowed through interlibrary loan have a circulation period which is determined by the lending library, not the Hope Welty Public Library. We are happy to borrow materials from other libraries for you, but we ask that you respect the date by which those materials must be returned to their home libraries. When the Hope Welty Public Library is lax in returning materials borrowed through interlibrary loan, the library can lose the privilege of borrowing materials in that way for any of its patrons. It is crucial, therefore, that materials borrowed through interlibrary loan be returned in a timely manner. Habitual failure to do so may result in individual loss of the privilege in order to preserve the privilege for other library patrons.


The Hope Welty Public Library circulates materials in a variety of formats including books, magazines, audiobooks, VHS/DVD, and video games. The following terms of loan are applicable as indicated:

            Length of Loan    # allowed    Renewals     

Books            2 weeks              1    if not requested    

Audiobooks   2 weeks              1    if not requested    

Magazines     1 week               1        

VHS/DVD        1 week               1    if not requested    

Video Game    1 week                     none    


Materials borrowed via any mechanism are the responsibility of the library patron.  Replacement cost (not original purchase price) is the responsibility of any patron who borrows and loses any library material. In the case of children under the age of 18, it is the parents’ responsibility to pay for lost or damaged items in accordance with the following schedule of terms:

1.    Retail replacement cost of any item which is lost or damaged beyond repair and for which a current price can be found.

2.    Average replacement cost for any item which is lost or damaged beyond repair and for which a current price cannot be found. Average prices as of July of this calendar year are:

    Hard bound books        $30

    Soft bound books         $20

    Books on Cassette       $40

    Books on CD                 $60

    Books on Playaway device    $80

    Videocassettes             $20

    DVD                               $20

    Video Games                 $40

    Magazines                     $4

3.    Materials borrowed through inter-library loan which are lost or damaged are charged to the patron according to the bill provided by the lending agency.


Patrons may reserve materials which are not immediately available for patron use, but are in the collection of the Hope Welty Public Library. When the reserved materials are available to the patron who has placed the reserve, the library will notify the patron via phone. The specific title of the material will not be stated to anyone other than the library patron who placed the reserve. If the patron is not available by phone, a message will be left.  The date of the message will be noted and the material will be held for the patron for a period of seven working days. If additional patrons are waiting for the material, the next patron on the list will be called and notified of the availability of the item, and the same procedure will be followed. If no additional patrons are waiting for the material, the material will be placed back into general circulation. In no circumstance will the library leave more than one message regarding a hold on a specific item. Relay of the message to the appropriate person in the household, and prompt retrieval of the material, are the responsibilities of the patron.