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Gifts and Bequests Policy

This policy is for gifts under $500.

Hope Welty Public Library

Gifts and Bequests Policy

The Hope Welty Public Library encourages and welcomes cash gifts, endowment funds and bequests for purchasing books and other library materials and equipment, for improving the library facilities, or for the benefit of the library staff.

All donations of materials will be accepted in accordance with the standards of selection as are applied to all materials added to the library’s collection.  If they are not suitable for addition to the library’s collection, they will be returned to the donor, or placed in the book sale section.

Donations of real of other property or equipment will be accepted with the following conditions:  That the item

  • Contributes to the achievement of the library’s adopted goals and objectives
  • Supports the library’s materials selection policy or other adopted policy or regulation
  • Imposes no restriction on the library as a condition of the gift
  • Is not likely to be perceived as an endorsement of an individual, a product, service or philosophy
  • May be used of disposed of at the discretion of the library board

It is to be understood that the Hope Welty Public Library District is to have full authority regarding when, where and how any gifts of materials of other tangible items are displayed or used.

A library that is extensively used by its public sustains losses through theft, mutilation and ordinary wear.  The library cannot guarantee that any gifts will remain a part of the collection permanently.

The library will, of course, endeavor to comply with the wishes of the donor, but reserves the right, as conditions change, to assign any monetary donation wherever the need is greatest.

All arrangements for and the cost of an appraisal of a gift will be the donor’s responsibility prior to the conveyance of the gift to the library.  The library can only certify that a gift or donation has been received, and my not by law assign a dollar value to it for the donor’s benefit.  All gifts of significance will be appropriately acknowledged and recognized.  Hope’s Legacy Fund has been designated a ‘legacy fund’ to help sustain the library in the years to come.  Pleas refer to the Major Gifts and Bequests Policy for additional information.