Hope Welty Public Library

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Library Conduct Policy


    To insure that all patrons may have considerate use of the Hope Welty Public Library, appropriate behavior is expected. Violation of any of the following rules will result in a warning and/or expulsion from the property. Whenever necessary, police will be contacted. The Director and supervisory staff have authority to carry out all powers of this policy.
1.    No loud talking or boisterous behavior (running, excessive seat changing, etc.).
2.    No food or drink may be consumed in the library (except with prior approval of the Library Board of Library Trustees).
3.    No smoking.
4.    No destruction or mutilation of library property.
5.    No parking bicycles or other vehicles in a manner that blocks or hinders entry to the library.
6.    No conduct which is disruptive to the operation of the library or threatening to patrons, staff, or library property.

Patrons may also be asked to leave if their personal hygiene is offensive to others.