Hope Welty Public Library

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By-Laws of the Hope Welty Public Library District

Library by-laws as established by the library board of trustees


of the




The name of this organization shall be the Hope Welty Public Library District as established under Illinois State Law, Chapter 81.



The purpose of the Hope Welty Public Library District is to furnish public library service to all residents of the district, to extend library privileges to those living outside the district under such rules as may be set by the governing body of this library, to provide extra services to the citizens through membership in the Illinois Heartland Library System (a Public Library System established under Illinois State Law, Chapter 81.



This library shall be governed by a Board of seven (7) trustees, elected by the registered voters of the district in regular elections to serve for terms of six (6) years.  (According to State Law, Chapter 81).


Powers and duties of the Board of Trustees

To make and adopt by-laws, rules and regulations for their own guidance and for the government of the library as may be expedient, not inconsistent with this Act: (Chapter 81, Article 4-7),

To have the exclusive control of the expenditures of all moneys collected for the library and deposited to the credit of the library fund,

To have the exclusive control of the construction of any library building and of the supervision, care and custody of the grounds, rooms or buildings constructed, leased or set apart for that purpose,

To purchase or lease grounds and to construct, purchase or lease, and occupy an appropriate building or buildings for the use of the library,

To remodel or reconstruct a building erected or purchased by the board, when such building is not adapted to its purposes or needs,

To appoint a competent Library Director and necessary Library Assistants, to fix their compensation, and to remove such appointees,

To contract with any library association, school board, or any city, village, incorporated town or township library board in the State of Illinois for furnishing or receiving library service,

To join with the board or boards of any one or more libraries of any city, incorporated town, village or township in maintaining libraries, or for the maintenance of a common library for such cities, incorporated towns, villages or townships upon such terms as may be agreed upon by and between the boards,

To enter into contracts and to take title to any property acquired by it for library purposes by the name and style of (The Board of Library Trustees of the Hope Welty Public Library District),

To exclude from the use of the library any person who willfully violates the rules prescribed by the board,



Officers and their duties

The Board of Trustees shall elect officers from their members annually for one year at the May meeting.

            President                     shall preside at all meetings, appoint committees and

                                                 be an ex-officio member of all committees

Vice-President             shall act in the absence of the president

            Secretary                    shall oversee the keeping of the minutes and other


            Treasurer                    shall have charge of all public funds

Representatives to the Board of Trustees of the Illinois Heartland Library System --

shall attend meetings of that board and relay that information to other board members. (Shall report at regular meetings of the Hope Welty Public Library District.)



Regular meetings shall be held at a regular time once a month.

Special meetings may be called by the President, or the Vice-President acting in the absence of the President, (or at the request of three (3) trustees). Notice of special meetings shall state the purpose of the meeting and no other business shall be transacted at the meeting.

In the absence of the President and the Vice-President, the meeting shall be presided over by one of the Trustees present who shall be chosen by the members for that purpose.

A quorem will be needed to conduct business at any meeting.  Four board members will be considered a quorem.

Committees will consist of three or more board members.  A budget committee consisting of three trustees will be appointed annually at the April board meeting.

The board will fill any unexpired trustee terms by appointing a person from the Hope Welty Public Library district to complete that term until the next election.

            The conduct of meetings shall be according to Robert`s Rules of Order.

            The order of business at regular meetings shall be as follows:

1.      Roll call

2.      Minutes of the previous meeting

3.      Report of the Library Director

4.      Financial report

5.      Report of Committees

6.      Report of Representative to Illinois Heartland Library System

7.      Unfinished business

8.      New business


Amendments and Revision of these by-laws

These By-laws may be amended by a majority vote at a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees, provided written notice of the proposed amendment has been given at a preceding regular meeting or at a special meeting and provided written notice has been given ten (10) days prior thereto to all members of this Board of Trustees.



The Hope Welty Public Library District Board of Trustees has adopted these revised by-laws.

              Adopted           July 6, 1989                            

              Reviewed        June 27, 1991            

              Amended         January 28, 1993                   

              Adopted           February 4, 1993                    

              Reviewed        January 27, 1994                 

              Reviewed        December 4, 1997                 

Reviewed        March 9, 2000

Adopted           March 9, 2000

Reviewed        April 12, 2001

Adopted          April 12, 2001

Reviewed        Feb. 12, 2004

Amended         Feb. 13, 2004

Reviewed        Mar. 14, 2008

Adopted          Mar. 14, 2008

Reviewed        June 10, 2011

Amended        June 10, 2011