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Meeting Room Policy and Agreement

The library has a meeting room with kitchen available for public use. Please review the meeting room policy before signing and returning the agreement.

Meeting Room Agreement

NAME OF GROUP________________________________________



DAY & DATE OF RESERVATION____________________________

BEGINNING & ENDING TIMES______________________________


PROPOSED ACTIVITY____________________________________


The library has the following equipment available for use:

·        40 Chairs (more available upon request)

·        10 Tables – 2-5’ round, 4-8’ and 4-5’ rectangular tables

·        TV, DVD

Set-up is the responsibility of the group.  All library owned equipment must be returned to its original position.  The group is responsible for cleanup. Checklist will be located in the kitchen area.


_____$50.00 (serving food/drink of any kind) with $50 refundable deposit (separate check)

_____$25.00 (no food/drink being served) with $25 refundable deposit (separate check)

PAID ON THIS DATE:_______________

This five page agreement is executed between the representative of the group, both named and above, and the Hope Welty Public Library District for the use of the meeting space within the Hope Welty Public Library District Meeting Room within the Hope Welty Public Library at 100 South Madison Street, Cerro Gordo, Illinois.  This agreement will be effective for only the dates and times specified above, and for six months only in the case of standing reservations.  This agreement is renewable by mutual agreement, and may be cancelled by either party at any time, for any reason upon 14 days' written notice.

_______________________________   Signature of Applicant    _______________________________   Signature of Library Staff


Effective January 1, 2012


·        The user is responsible for set-up of table and chair arrangements and any other equipment.

·        The room must be left in a neat, clean, and orderly condition with all chairs and tables returned to their original position.

·        No decorations on the walls or ceiling permitted.

·        There is a vacuum, broom and mop available for touch-up cleaning located in the Janitor’s Closet in the hallway. Only water is to be used on the floor, no cleaning solutions.  Garbage bags are located in the cabinet under the sink.

·        If the Library Staff is not available, you must make sure all lights and fans are off and doors locked.  Please check that the restroom lights have been turned off.

·        Future access will be denied if the above requirements are violated.


·        No group may reassign a reserved time to another group.

·        Reservations can be made by telephone, e-mail or in person, however the individual representative must confirm by signing an application and pay the fee and deposit.

·        If the applicant has made the reservation, but not paid for use of the room, it can be reserved by another group.  The room will only be held once the fee is paid.

·        Future access will be denied if the above requirements are violated.


The following fees will be required for use of the meeting room:

-Serving Food/Drink of any kind:    $50.00 with $50 deposit (separate check)

          -No Food/Drink:                 $25.00 with $25 deposit (separate check)

·        Fees must be paid in advance or when the key is picked up.

·        Public Information meetings are to be open to the public and free of charge.  No fee shall be charged nor donation solicited as a condition of entry.

·        No rummage sales, flea markets or bazaars in the meeting room.

·        Local community groups and not-for-profit businesses may use the meeting room at no charge as long as the maintenance policy is followed.

·        For-profit businesses may use the meeting room at the regular fee.·       

·        Future access will be denied if the above requirements are violated.


·        Library programming has priority, and the Library reserves the right to cancel (or relocate within the library) any previously scheduled meeting with two weeks notice.

·        Booking of the meeting room will be on a first come, first served basis.

·        The meeting room will be available for educational, civic, cultural, social, and public information purposes.

·        Preference will be given to not-for-profit community organizations.

·        Standing reservations may be made for up to a six-month period.  It is the responsibility of the group to re-apply at the end of this time.

·        Meetings are to be posted on the library calendar at least one week prior to the activity, unless special permission is given.

·        The applicant must live within the Library District.

·        Future access will be denied if the above requirements are violated.


·        Refreshments may be served or a meal catered.  Stove, microwave, and refrigerator are available. 

·        No cooking utensils are available.

·        Food and beverages are restricted to the kitchen and meeting room only.

·        Kitchen area must be left clean.

·        Beverages containing food coloring are not permitted.

·        Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any time.

·        Future access will be denied if the above requirements are violated.


·        Group members bringing children are responsible for the supervision of their children during their meeting.

·        Groups that hold children’s programs are responsible for the care of the children before, during, and after the programs.  Supervisors must stay until parents have picked up all children.

·        Children’s birthday parties are NOT allowed, unless the birthday party is being attended by mostly family and other adults (more adults than children in attendance).

·        Future access will be denied if the above requirements are violated.



·        The use of firearms is not permitted at any time.

·        A representative of the group must pick up a key from one of the Library Staff when the library is open.  The key is to be left on the kitchen counter when the group’s meeting is closed.

·        One of the Library Staff must follow the checklist for condition of the meeting room before the deposit is returned.  If no staff is available and/or a previous group has been in the library, document the condition of the room, sign and date the checklist

·        The meeting room is limited to a maximum of 48 persons at tables.  The library provides 40 chairs, but if more are needed they will have to be asked for.  Maximum of 60 chairs are available for individual seating.

·        It is the responsibility of the applicant to give public notice that Sign Language will be made available upon request if the meeting is open to the public.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide a qualified interpreter.  Please advise the Library Staff of any other special needs arrangement.

·        Library Staff are authorized to monitor the use of the meeting room and to enforce all policies concerning its use.

·        Future access will be denied if the above requirements are violated.


Granting of permission to use the Library Facilities does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the groups’ policies or beliefs by the Library Staff or Board.

The Library is not responsible for any equipment, supplies, materials, clothing, or other items brought to the library by any group or individual attending the meeting.

The person signing the application for permission to hold a meeting in the Library will assume legal responsibility for the cost of repair or replacement of damaged library property.  He/She will also assume responsibility for the cost of any special cleaning necessitated after the use of the room.


_____  Floor is clean (swept and mopped, if needed)

_____  Tables and chairs are clean

_____  Tables and chairs are returned to original place

_____  Refrigerator is clean; no food is left

_____  Stovetop and oven are clean

_____  Microwave oven is clean

_____  Sink is clean

_____  Dishes/silverware are washed and put away

_____  Garbage has been put in outside trash can

_____  Key was left with staff or on kitchen counter

_____  No tape on walls or ceiling

_____  Restroom stalls are clean, no trash on the floor

_____  Used kitchen towels/dishcloths are left on the counter to be laundered by library staff

Staff signature                                   Deposit returned        Date

Renter Signature:

Revised 01/09/2012