Hope Welty Public Library

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Emergency Closing Policy

 The Hope Welty Public Library will operate under normal hours except in the following cases:

1. Ice storms - in the event of an ice storm where the roads are not safe to travel, or walking would be hazardous, the Hope Welty Public Library will close until conditions are safe.

2. Power outage - in the event of an extended power outage , the Hope Welty Public Library will remain closed. Without power, the library will not be able to extend services to its patrons in the manner in which it is expected.

3. Extreme snow - if there is an extreme snowfall (a foot or more of snow, for example) , the Hope Welty Library may remain closed until roads and sidewalks become passable.

4.  General hazardous conditions - hazardous conditions, such as downed trees in the roadways, downed wires, etc. may cause emergence closure of Hope Welty Library.

5. Extreme cold - when temperature is extremely cold; Hope Welty Library will close.

Notifications will be made on WAND TV, Hope Welty Library website  and library Facebook page as well as on the door of the library.

 April 9,2010

 Updated January 14 ,2015